ABOUT STUMBLE STUFF... if you are interested

My name is Del. I am the owner of stumblestuff.com. Stumblestuff.com was registered approximately 7 years ago from the date of this about page which is dated March 27/2024.

I chose that name because I knew I would be able to sell lots different and unique items that people would eventually "stumble upon" ;). It sat dormant for about 5 years as I wanted to start an online store on my time off from work, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to sell yet. I just knew I had the domain, and that was a start.

I am single with no children, and was a Journeyman Welder up in Northern Alberta Canada. For my entire adult life, I was a heavy drinker. Not to the point where I thought I was an alcoholic, but I don't remember a day that I didn't have at least one drink.

My shift was two weeks in and two weeks out, just north of Fort McMurray Alberta, Canada. For my two weeks off I always like to dabble on the computer, and tried to figure out how to build websites. I really started to enjoy all that techy STUFF ;) It really was fun for me, and I had been doing that since 2009.

With the recent economic crisis, and downturn of the economy, my life started to change drastically. I have to mention the forest fires in Fort McMurray, where my work condo resided (you may have seen the news).


Plus floods, covid, and friends taking their own lives - we all have our reasons, but the speed in which this all happened, caused me to fall into a deep depression!

In 2016 My plan was to leave this earth peacefully. My goal was simple, don't wake up. I started hitting the bottle extremely hard. I say bottle because I switched from beer to vodka, which ultimately lead me to the reason for this writing page.

I ended up drinking a 40 ounce of vodka every day plus about 5 or 6 beer after a 12 hour shift at work. These actions led to me destroying my liver by the time I was 44 years old.

Toward the end of my sickness, I could not physically go to work anymore. My feet were so swollen from drinking, that I couldn't even put one shoe on.

I was completely bloated and literally dying. In May of 2021, I woke up, went to the washroom, looked in the mirror, and I was completely yellow! From head to toe. Homer Simpson yellow!

I called my brother in Calgary AB, and he talked me into going to the hospital. I took a cab there, walked in the doors, and collapsed.

The doctors told my family I had three weeks to live. Imagine this, I had an intense feeling of relief!


In the back of my mind I was happy. I always tried to set goals for myself, and I was always intent on reaching them. I knew the wait list for livers was about  4 to 5 years, of course I thought I didn't have a chance.

Fast forward a couple weeks in Edmonton AB, hospital and they didn't just find one liver, they found two! Sadly, the first one was too small.

At this point I was coming around. In the back of my mind I thought there might be a chance of survival. The news broke the hearts of my family. But guess what? They found a second! This one was viable, it was a match! 

Well, This was unbelievable. My sister quit her job to come up from Saskatchewan to be with me for and after surgery. My brother worked in Calgary 4 days a week, and he drove up to Edmonton every days off for support.

Once I saw this love start to pour in, I started feeling remorseful, but I also didn't feel like putting up much of a fight.

The transplant was successful but there were tons of complications. I believe the doctors told my brother I died two times, and the last Hail Mary they tried was a plasma transplant. Well, wouldn't you know it, that worked too!

However, I certainly wasn't out of the woods yet! When they thought I was well enough, they transferred to my hometown of Calgary AB, also where my brother resided.

I felt good because my sister could go home to her family, and my brother no longer had to travel on his days off.


Once I got to Calgary I got sepsis (for the second time) and fell back into a coma. After I recovered from that, I got pneumonia.

They drained over two liters of fluid from my lungs. It was complication after complication. I ended up spending 12 months straight in the hospital and 3 months in rehab, learning to walk again, because I lost all my muscle.

The reason Stumbles Stuff exists now, as of  (Jan1/2023), is because I have extreme neuropathy in my hands and feet.

I do not think they will ever recover, by the way things are going, and how painful they are. It's almost been two years of recovery, and I wasn't losing hope, I too was seeking help.

I knew I would never be able to do my physical job again, so I had to turn to the Internet to see if I could find a way to make a living there. Reminded daily by the pain of my feet, I wanted to do some research, learn about these foot ailments and how to help others that may be suffering from the same situation.

I remembered I still had my old domain (stumblestuff.com) and decided to see if I could find and work with some suppliers overseas to create a beautiful and comfortable line of shoes for women (and men - coming soon).

I wanted them to be be designed with most foot issues in mind. I wanted to design shoes that were "healthy" for your feet.

Hammer toes, bunions, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, and a common one that a lot of people don't think about, is drop toe. Psst. (that's why the toes are pointed up a little bit, trust us it makes a world a difference, you need to try them!)


I chose overseas suppliers because they are less expensive to work with to get started. So yes, some your products may come from China or Italy, and some may come from Kentucky or Florida USA, that is where we house our cleaning warehouses. Know this, the ideas come from us.

My goal is to earn enough capital to start a production warehouse in my hometown of Calgary Alberta Canada. I started this with just a $9000 back paycheck from the government for my disability because they denied us coverage. We had to re-apply three times! Must you be dead to collect coverage?

That being said, I have done my research and know that people do not like long wait times. Most of my profit goes to paying DHL to deliver your items quickly when they are shipped from overseas! If you don't have happy customers, you won't have any customers, right?

We feel having beautiful and unique products that solve peoples problems will make people feel better about themselves. That's what Stumble Stuff wants to be about! If you are happy with your products, please tell your friends! We could definitely use the exposure.


Running  ads is expensive and Isn't gonna get us the capital we need to expand, but it gives us an opportunity to get recognized. A startup business is lucky to break even, ESPECIALLY when running advertisements. That is our struggle.

I did not write this page to get sympathy, I wrote this page because people were asking for transparency about Stumble Stuff and what we are about.

Two years ago I couldn't take a step...now I'm taking the biggest leap of my life - without the need to jump! It really feels wonderful! My gratitude goes out to you all. You are the ones that are making this happen! I Thank you!

This page is also to prove that the human body can overcome detrimental tragedy, mentally and physically, you just need to give it the ingredients to do so! Never give up! More importantly, never give up hope!

So yes, at the start, you may think these shoes are pricey. But we are trying to put the absolute best quality into every pair, and get them to you from overseas in 7-10 days for the absolute best price possible!

There are going to be mistakes along the way, but we will absolutely work to correct them , please bear with us we are trying our best.

We understand we run things a little unorthodox, but this is brand new to me, and I've never ran a business before.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how fast you are responded to and dealt with when it comes to exchanges and returns. We're faster than the big guys, that's for sure!

If you are returning customer, you know that we have quality products that are delivered in a timely manner. If you are not, please read pages like this so you have no surprises.

We are an online entity only and we will never have a physical store anywhere. There is just too much overhead and cost to that. We'd have to charge $140 USD per pair! 


Also, no, you will not find a phone number. We are not going to hire people to answer a phone for an inquiry about an order. You can email us. We hire people to help us create products and answer your emails. It is highly unlikely you will wait 48 hrs. for a reply.

You may see a spot to leave a tip at checkout. Please understand we are not expecting a handout, it is absolutely your choice. It is only because in any industry, if you are happy with the service and product, you can choose to leave a tip.

It would help us immensely, but we completely understand that lot of our customers live on Social Security, so that's why it is just an option!

If you really want to try a pair of our shoes and you just can't afford them, please email us at support@stumblesuff.com and ask for Del. I will do my very best to help you try a pair!

Even if you have no money and you are in pain, I will try and help you . WARNING! I am smart, I've devised fun ways know if you're lying :) Also if you have any questions or even product ideas don't hesitate to contact us at


That is all from Stumbles Stuff! If you have taken the time to read this, I would like to say thank you so very much!

I hope this page is transparent enough and I was able to  answer some of the your burning questions. We also have a FAQ page with even more answers!

Thank you for your loyalty!