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Lace Loungers - Vibrant Ultra Comfort Everyday Hybrid SHANDALS

Lace Loungers - Vibrant Ultra Comfort Everyday Hybrid SHANDALS

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Well. You loved our laces, so we created some SHANDALS!

Step into a world of color and comfort with our "Lounge Lacer Shandals" vibrant comfort hybrids, designed with your style and ease in mind.

The unique accents feature a shoe that not only supports your feet but also brightens your outfit as well as  your day. These hybrids are crafted for those who believe comfort should never be compromised, no matter the temperature outside!

Our "Lounge Lacers" offer an ideal blend of functionality and fashionable flair. The adjustable laces ensure a perfect fit, allowing you to tailor the snugness to your own comfort level, while the unique laced cut-outs Allow your feet to breathe on those warm, sunny days out.

Whether you’re strolling through the park or enjoying a leisurely afternoon in town, these hybrids are your ultimate companion for effortless walking.

Not just pretty to look at, these hybrids boast a durable, grippy sole that provides stability and traction on a variety of surfaces. The thoughtful design prioritizes your comfort, making these shandals a go-to choice for everyday wear. Ready to add a splash of fun and a ton of comfort to your footwear collection?

Slip into our "Lounge Lacers" and feel the joy of a shoe that truly understands your needs! We added more laces so you can strangle the compliments before you blush too much! More colors are on the way... but that's up to YOU!

SORRY! We are getting low on stock already. If you can add to cart they can be purchased AS OF now. They are already a hit on day 1! We will release these into production!

If you see our ad please comment the color you would like to see NEXT OR EVEN LEAVE A COMMENT IN THE REVIEWS SECTION BELOW! THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT! I just hope we are giving it back to you! ;)

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