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Self Cleaning LARGE CAPACITY Portable Juicer Dual-use Sports Water Bottle 1L Rechargeable Battery On-the-Go Juice Maker/Blender

Self Cleaning LARGE CAPACITY Portable Juicer Dual-use Sports Water Bottle 1L Rechargeable Battery On-the-Go Juice Maker/Blender

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Unleash the power of 70W blending at an impressive rotating speed of 18,500rpm, directly in your water bottle. Whether you prefer refreshing fruit concoctions or green vegetable detoxes, this LARGE CAPACITY juicer makes it possible to blend your favorite fruits or veggies on-the-go.

Its substantial 1L capacity reduces the need for frequent refills, keeping you hydrated and invigorated throughout your active day. A unique feature is its double lid function - one juicer cup lid and one drinking cup lid, that can be easily swapped to transform this bottle from a juicer to a drinking bottle in seconds.

Constructed with convenience in mind, this compact powerhouse is portable with a substantial handy carry handle, a safety lock to ensure no leaks, and weighs just 680g. With a size of 118mm118mm250mm, it's your perfect outdoor companion, making it seamless to replenish your body's water and vitamin C during rigorous outdoor activities like sports, mountaineering, yoga - whatever your body craves!

This large capacity behemoth operates on two 1500mAh batteries and offers up to 10 litres of juice on a single full charge of about 3.5 hours. Its magnetic charging system supports various charging methods including AC adapter charging, car charging, and power bank charging. Now, you'll never be too far away from a healthy beverage.

Designed with an unwavering commitment to safety, this magnificent beast features an auto-off function which activates when the lid is opened during the juicing process, thus preventing accidental injury. It's not just about what's on the outside - the cup body is made from Tritan material, a BPA-free, mother-infant grade material that ensures a safe and odorless experience.

The convenience goes even further, the blender boasts a magnetic charging port and the ability to self clean itself. Just add a little soap and water and the high-powered blending action will self clean your bottle in seconds, just rinse and re-use.

Choose from attractive colors of blue, pink, orange, and green and bring your perfect blend of taste and nutrition wherever life takes you.

Experience the difference of this juicer/sports water bottle - the perfect union of health, convenience, and style.

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